Data Center and Cloud Migration

Preforming a data center migration or moving your applications to the cloud is a technically challenging, high risk endeavor that you must get right. Metagyre’s methodology was specifically designed to reduce your risk, improve communication and ensure your success.

Following “Lean” and “Agile” principles, our data center and cloud migration methodology removes unnecessary work. Your business will appreciate the ability to perform ten moves a day because it keeps the work flowing in low risk, manageable pieces and avoids the analysis paralysis trap so common in large complex projects.

Data centers migration requires experienced project management

Everyone of your people from the accounts payable clerk, to the CIO, is an important stakeholder in a project this complex. One of the most difficult tasks about managing large, complex IT initiatives is keeping everyone informed about what is going on in their world as you move it. Our real-time data center and cloud migration project dashboard ensures all of them have visibility to the level of detail they require when and how they want it.

There are no magic wands or silver bullets when it comes to migrating workloads to the cloud or moving your data center. Success is created by having the right road map and an experienced guide to show you the way. Let us help you build and manage a winning plan that ensures you are on the road to success.

Data center migration showing deep understanding of project management, IT infrastructure and applications

Is it a bad idea to schedule a free consultation with one of our data center and cloud migration project leaders?

Want more DIY help? We have built a project learning library filled with data center and cloud migration information designed to help you understand how to take on one of these projects and deliver success.

Interested in understanding how PMOaaS (project management office as a service) can streamline all your projects including a data center migration? We have lots of experience in this area and can help you do more with less.