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We believe important information should be shared, not held for ransom or hidden from those who could benefit. As a result, we fully documented our methodology and made it available on Amazon.com. We have also published training videos covering the major aspects of cloud and data center migration projects in order to help others succeed.

Results Oriented Project Execution Methodology

Pick up your copy of “Datacenter Migration using the ROPE Framework: Results Oriented Project Execution” today and see how easy it can be to take on a data center or cloud migration project with confidence. This is a practical guide to using the ROPE framework to migrate a data center.

If you are a company executive, PMO (project management office) leader, program manager, project manager or just interested in understanding how to successfully manage building out a data center or cloud service and then migrate applications without negatively impacting your business, this project management guide is intended for you. The ROPE Framework demonstrates a better way to manage complex IT projects that successfully deliver positive customer results every time.

If you are looking for PMI continuing educational credits, we sponsor My Project Hell. My Project Hell is a live webcast where each episode provides practical coaching to a real project manager struggling with a real life project problem.

We have created several videos that instruct project managers how to lead a data center or cloud migration project using our methods. PMs just starting out as well as seasoned professionals will benefit from our project management accelerator YouTube channel videos designed to help individuals improve their project management and consulting skills.

Many of the videos provide instructions on how to use the Metagyre project tools and templates. These project job aids are intended to improve the outcomes of projects and are free to download.

Data Center Migration using the ROPE Framework

Want a quick tour of our methodology? Watch our data center migration overview video. See for yourself how to use the Results Oriented Project Execution methodology to move your data center or migrate workloads to the cloud.

Application Mapping using the Build Sheet Method

An important step to developing a data center or cloud migration plan is to map your applications and identify the server to server interface connections. This is often one of the most daunting tasks for teams, causing them to stumble and fall. Over the years, the build sheet method of mapping applications has proven to be the most cost effective way to gather accurate information.

Migrating Workloads using the Cut Sheet Method

After you master application mapping using the build sheet method you can proceed to developing your move plans which we call cut sheets. At cutover you simply follow the cut sheet plan to move your applications, test them and receive operational sign-off.

Is it be a bad idea to schedule your free consultation with one of our project solution leaders to gain additional insights?

Road maps are designed to get you from A to B. They provide you with the big picture of what to expect along the way. Road maps are invaluable tools in developing a project strategy that will be successful. Our road maps are designed with a couple of paths so that you can take a more agile, multi-pathed approach to your trip. The advantage of Metagyre’s project road maps is that we have been there before, so our road maps have been time tested and produced positive results every time.

Data Center and Cloud Migration Road Map

Project Management Office Acceleration Road Map

Disaster Recovery Road Map

Network Operations Center Launch Road Map