As a leader in IT project management, our primary purpose is to bring practical project innovation to complex technology problems. We excel at executing because all of us at Metagyre, Inc. adhere to our core values:

company core values which strongly contribute to our status as IT project management leader
  1. On time is late:  The only thing I cannot add to this world is time.  On time shows I respect you.  It shows I am ready, organized, and the right choice to lead this effort.  I want to be here.
  2. It’s in the details:  I look past the surface to find the gems buried deep.  I pay attention to the little things. My job is to sweat the details so our clients don’t have to. I am here to catch mistakes, not make them.
  3. Team over me: I don’t need to do this alone.  I have my team and they have my back.  I know this because I have theirs.  We will all cross the finish line together as one team or not at all.
  4. I got this: I will take ownership.  I will ensure this gets done.  I understand I may not be able to complete it by myself and I may need help from the team, but I will be the one to see it to the end.

We stay true to our values with all our clients who range from large enterprises to smart start-ups.  We have moved data centers, migrated workloads, integrated companies, and established PMOaaS (project management office as a service) for healthcare organizations, media companies, financial institutions, manufactures, and more.  It has been a privilege to solve problems for each of our clients.

Metagyre's core capabilities.  We are focus on being the worlds IT project management leader

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