Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS)

Problem: You want to better understand your project portfolio. Your PMO has to do more with less and reduce escalating project costs. You have to get off the staffing roller coaster.  You want to consistently deliver project success and provide portfolio visibility to your senior leadership without giving up agility, creativity or responsiveness in a demanding business environment.

Solution: Save money, reduce risk and increase satisfaction by outsourcing your portfolio management and project management activities through Metagyre’s PMO as a Service.

­­­­­­What is it? PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) outsources the roles and responsibility of project portfolio management and the Project Management Office (PMO). The service provides everything needed to successfully deliver projects to your customers and manage your business’ overall project portfolio.

  • Portfolio manager works with your stakeholders on project intake and priority setting
  • Weekly portfolio progress reporting and review
  • Real-time portfolio roll-up dashboard available from anywhere
  • Project managers assigned to manage prioritized projects
  • Weekly project governance and guidance sessions
  • Detailed project level dashboards and status reporting
  • Adherence to a project method that delivers proven results
  • Project tools, job-aids and workflow automation
  • Project archival, lessons learned repository and continual improvement

What it costs: All the advantages of a project management office without the high costs and overheads associated with traditional PMOs.

  • No Charge: Real-time dashboard and report setup
  • No Charge: Project portfolio intake forms setup, automation customization and process launch
  • No Charge: Regularly scheduled portfolio demand management intake and prioritization sessions
  • No Charge: Project stakeholder workshops, training and communication
  • No Charge: Standardized project templates, tools and customized job aids
  • No Charge: Senior level project oversight and governance
  • No Charge: Regularly scheduled project dashboard reviews and status reporting
  • One simple price for project delivery

Pricing is easy. You control the costs. You can choose to procure an annual bucket of project management hours, paying for them over time. Additional hours can be added if the business drops unexpected projects on you. The other pricing alternative is to pay a small percentage of each project’s overall budget to cover project management. The percentage is based on a tiered model with large expensive projects having a smaller percentage price than little projects.

Need More? As your organization matures and grows, we can easily add on resource management, enterprise change management, productivity tracking, and leadership coaching options which all fit neatly into our PMOaaS model.

Already have a PMO? If you already have a PMO and want a tuneup in order to get more out of it, we can help. Our PMO Portfolio Accelerator is an assessment package that delivers actionable results you can start implementing immediately.

Do you think it’s a bad idea to schedule your free 60 minute consultation with one of our project management office leaders?

Whether you’re retooling your PMO or preparing to take a cross country road trip, the team and tools you choose for your journey will directly impact your success. See how our learning library of videos, tools and templates can immediately help you with your project management office and improve how you deliver positive outcomes to your customers..